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tv   [untitled]    March 3, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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and cite them >> i think part of the communication team with the department so there's a unified idea so we can say why don't you keep cutting funding for for local crisis when we know there's a need and two more quick questions a language capacity do you know first-hand what the language is. >> it was on there. >> i can answer that on the day watch we have 3 certified spanish spectators and one certified sign language and one certified arabic speaker and one certified goggling lick speaker our on the swing watch we have
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two certified spoosh speakers, we have assumed to be certified cam biology speaker soon to the certified russian speaker and soon to be certified paying lock speaker and on the midnight watch 1 certified spanish and two certified - >> i don't know how i missed that on the slide. it's good to know you have some of the harder languages. i looked at through the power point is the crime stoppers. i don't think i saw any crime stoppers what are the main top crime issue you're dealing with >> i was consistent when
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putting together this presentation with what i told you the tenant did he see at the community meetings i assure them i would provide statistics when the statistics were good but not to expect the statistics that are bad. i mentioned that the property crimes over the last year has ripen slightly consistent with throughout the city what automobile and violent crime we don't have much of it in the district. like i said no homicides the bulk of the thefts are cell phone snatches. the hard statistics you know when we have coming state that's opened to the public we role go
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into the detailed and when they're good i provide them to the community >> thank you those are my questions. >> i haven't had an opportunity to talk but i read one of the newsletters i understand those issues in the park they're not just in your park but all over the city there are 6 thousand homeless. i do appreciate what you're done together and your visiting the community of the crimes of today but i have to say i looked at the news letter there was some rid of the beknowledge of the community i was concerned about that. as a department and we should report the facts in a neutral and professional manner and as we grapple with the homeless
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issue the tensions run how from hopper's to people in the street and people commuting but we can't fan the flames and make fun of a group whether they be luther youth or peace people who need mental health guidance or people who are working only part time and living in their car i lived cross from golden gate park and lived on lincoln avenue and see all the cars come at the night and go to work in the morning. it was very difficult to deal with that. in terms of the newsletter i think when we report we have to do it in a neutral manner and not egg on the community. commissioner
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>> it was not the intent to degrade people but to make it entertaining but, however, when objections were brought up i had to rethink of that was legitimate concerns so the newsletter has changed. >> i'm glad to see that i don't think we should make fun of the population. >> thank you. >> dr. marshall. >> no. nothing. >> chief. >> well, that brings us to the conclusion of our meeting. thank you, captain corrales and the staff and thank you all for coming and again, this was good it's good to hear from the community and next year we'll be back again and please call the
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placing last item >> item of is adjournment. >> all in favor, say i. thank you very - >> my name is at the time i didn't khan i'm the president and ceo of the northeast medical services. today, we really have the ding honor for hosting an event
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foreseeablespectro john perez and mayor ed lee and having the presence of assembly member and supervisor chiu pr we intend for being champions 6 our clinics and meeting the needs of the most vulnerable it's one of the biggest centers targeting the underserved population and in 2013 net incomes had approximately 61 thousand unique patient of those patient we had 3 hundred thousand patients facing the encounters with our staff. we provided ourself with sensitive services with the dialect analytic 35 percent of
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our patients have other languages. we're proud to provide extensive will language services to receive the services in their native tongue. now i'd like to introduce john perez and he will talk about the effort to improve that important issue >> thank you for the work that mammograms does everyday. i'm pleased to join mayor ed lee and supervisor chiu and other. we're here to make one thing absolutely clear >> (speaking foreign language.) >> are put another way.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> for those who who don't speak spanish don't let health care get lost in transmission. california is the nations leader in health reform. more than 4 hundred thousand californians have obscured health care and more than a million of the members are eligible for the newly expanded medicaid coverage but we're not only limited to the expanding coverage but care to every patient. we have some of the best decreases in the world working in california but the work they do become more difficult in not possible if the patients can't understand a simple question like where don't it hurt. when a person is unable to
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communicate with their decreases they under going unnecessary tests. the worst scenario is the patient end up with the wrong treatment or no treatment at all. this is not an abstract message when most californians or 7 million have only limited proficient in english as a state we have over 2 hundred languages stolen in a daily basis their facing language barriers that put their health in danger. i want to introduce this bill to get the right treatment for patient and net incomes does a
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appropriate health care services but there's providers that don't have that capacity whether you speak korean or any language when you're speaking with your doctor it's critical your doctor can diagnosis our condition especially true in emergency room situations where accurate information can make the difference between saving orlogies a life but also true in diagnosing conditions whether a lump is only a lump or a cancer. now before too many californians it means that someone else often their children any act as their
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interpreter. no child should be forced to act as an interpreter when decrease are asking vitality questions that children are not excepted to hear. and that means we need quality and skilled interpreters to make sure that the patients get the care they need. 2325 bill is important because the vast fund come from the federal government and we get 411 we strengthen our economy and improve the outcomes without significantly impacting california's budget this is important for a large and diverse state and we'll make
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sure that no persons health care is lost in translation now the honorable mayor ed lee >> good morning. i really am excited about this yet another great opportunity to work speaker prooerz. i speak on behalf of david chiu we speak about your cities different whether in san francisco or speaker prooerz has noted a strength throughout the state that will not be a strength unless their adequate communication particle in areas of emergency services and health care. this particular bill makes yet another strong effort to make
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sure that we can draw down invaluable fund fund that we would use effectively to make sure that health care is provided in the most meaningful way and health care under the federal act we've been working on for a long, long time i'm sure you're aware of san francisco had a healthy sf in working with net incomes and others that have been very effective in this we were able to breach a lot of cultural barriers but we know there's jurisdictions throughout the state that continue to struggle. we've got to make sure that health care is for everyone where their seniors or gnlts or protecting individual. that's why this bill is important. i know to thank speaker prooerz
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he is helping services and been helpful to san francisco for a lot of the years in the assembly. this doesn't surprise we speaker perez takes the example of what's been referred to earlier, one of our greatest accidents last summer, the asia in a accident and we're still very much in the mode of condolences to the families and the people who died in this accident we're internally gravity the services that were provide in san francisco were culturally competent that's why all the
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individuals that ended up in the hospitals were able to survive. net incomes offers another example and commissioner wu is proud because of the health care at nimdz and i want to graduating congratulate you. but we have to make sure as policymakers in the state i sport speaker perezs efforts it's more than just having language as a celebration of diversity it's placed an essential areas whether it's voting rights or emergency services are medical services those are essential areas we've got to get it right.
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i also must say a speaker perez it's pretty good >> well, thank you mayor ed lee for your leadership and your support of this bill and again congratulations to eddy and a net incomes they started in our community response to a lack of services we provide services with the doctors and staff that would speak the languages of our community. we in san francisco have traveled this road for many, many years and i'm honor to sport speaker perez bill a b 6265 many of the folks are going to need assistance.
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right now we estimate that 1 in 5 speak english and about half of the immoral lists in the mell e medi-cal system needs help. images you're in a foreign country and you can't speak the language we've held a hearing last august in san francisco to talk about the human stories at risk what we heard was no surprise miss diagnoses and patients were not being treated right and couldn't get access to translation and many brought their children a 8-year-old trying to translate in your language on the health issues. this is sorelyly needed we've
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heard acquit often this translation being a bridge was a matter of life or death. we've heard when people didn't get treated properly there of the serious consequences that people continue to live with. i think oftentimes we in san francisco and california talk about the numbers but there are people behind every single situation. whether it's from people who have to live with those. they have the physical ailment so again we're here today because a b 2325 provides a clear solution it doesn't help to give the people health insurance isn't enough they have
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to communicate with their nurses and doctors this is an excellent model of that and we want to make sure that every health care entity is able to provide the best service. thank you very much >> hello. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> islam very honored to be here to share my story with you guys thank you very much.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> okay. it was about two years ago and my daughter broke her arm and school we took her from school and we saw our family doctor and they sent us to uscf when we were there and the uc staff asked us to fill out english forms we recall not
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able to do that because we didn't understand english. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> at that time, there was no translation and interpreter provide. my other daughter was fifth grade and she was helping us translate and to communicate with the hospital staff. and we wait for a long time owe nobody came to talk with us and they took any daughter to the x-ray and they provided the information and my daughter had to help us to communicate with
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the staff to understand the situation >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so we waited until like 3:00 o'clock in the morning and then at that time the doctor told us that they need to reset my daughters arm and they took my daughter to the room but wouldn't allow us to go in and the other daughter was very torrid and not able to fully translate the information or
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communicate with the hospital staffers and we waited until my daughter come out and she was asleep because of the ann test and we were not able to be with her when the doctor was resetting her arm. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so the credit told us that because my daughter had a cast on and was not able to have any water contact but we had questions liquor how do we prevent not to have water contact there was wart contact
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but we are not able to get the but we are not able to get thbut we are not able to get the t co but we are not able to get the but we are not able to get thr but we are not able to get the information. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm very honored to be here to share my story this is not only my story but many immigrant families to rely on their families for transactions i'm happy to be here. >> we'll be happy to take a question or too. >> is it existing federal money or new federal money. >> it will be a draw down of federal money, money we're not currently getting so for every
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dollar we can draw down additional dollars other states doesn't have a great need as california with the languages that are spoken and people that don't have the fluency you need. the 3 to one federal match is a excelling 0 thing because the lions share is a covered by the federal fund but has a flow to the state >> for the hospitals that need more treerlts. >> it would mean more interpreters on the ground and in some cases it would also mean translation services are available remotely so you'd have trick or treats for the language interpretation that are remotely
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assessed that are less common but more specific now net incomes has a variety of languages in san francisco but if you have someone that spoke russian that's less common you'll get case to those services. >> if there's an emergency like the flight asiana you could employ people. >> you can deploy them remotely. >> we would have had the reality there were so many provider in san francisco that had the language skills necessary for a passenger based
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upon significantly which ones and korean was very important for that flight. watching.
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and hey entices we welcome a new week and new most that's welcome some new flavors. this friday kick a off 2014 with live music and analogy games at broadway's stereos in the union square and meet people and now and the price of admission is leaving our digital things at the demeanor. we will have a donation book project so support our local
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library. then on sunday chiblth 2014 at the embarcadero from 12 to fit we will transform the space and there's rock and hip hop dances this is san francisco official block pirate you, you know, that's going to be great for more information visit us an san francisco >> commission adams. >> here >> brandon. >> here. >> murphy. >> here. >> wo oho. >> here. >> and katz. >> here. >> approval for the 2014 february 11th meeting. >> so moved. >> all in favor?